California Environmental Reporting System

CERS Data Seeding

What is Data Seeding?
Data seeding was an optional process CUPAs could use to perform a one-time, initial load of a limited subset of facility data from their local data systems into CERS. Once loaded, this data became one or more “draft” submittal elements for existing or new facilities in CERS which would be confirmed (and potentially modified) by a business prior to submitting the data to the regulator. Cal/EPA released the final CERS Data seeding specifications in January 2012, and the final deadline for receiving seeding files from CUPAs was late October 2012.

Which CUPAs Completed Data Seeding?
Cal/EPA was able to process seeding files of all CUPA who met the October 2012 seeding deadline by mid-December 2012. A listing of these CUPAs and counts of their seeded records is available here.

Can my CUPA Still Participate in Data Seeding?
Cal/EPA may support a small number of CUPAs who did not previously seeding in Q2 or Q3 of 2013. CUPAs doing so will need to rigorously follow the seeding process described in the documents shown below, and will have an extra burden to ensure their seeding data does not overwrite valid data entered by their businesses in CERS. Questions/comments about data seeding can be directed


Seeding Templates: