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  • CERS EDT Implementation Update June 24, 2016

    by John Miller | Jun 24, 2016

    The following change has been deployed to the CERS EDT Production environment:

    Default schema version for the Tier 2 Violation Library Query Endpoint has been updated from version 05 to 06. Please note that that the VLQ endpoint currently already returns the 06 schema, but with the incorrect version in the XML namespace (is 05, should be 06). So there is no schema change per se, but the version in the XML namespace of the VLQ schema will be modified as follows:



    The version 06 and 07 schema packages have also been updated to replace the version 05 VLQ schema with version 06. These packages incorrectly included the 05 VLQ schema.

  • CERS EDT Implementation Update June 21, 2016

    by John Miller | Jun 21, 2016
    CERS EDT XML Tier 2 Violation Library Query Endpoint Schema Update

    The following change has been deployed to the CERS EDT Staging environment:

    Update version of the default schema for the Tier 2 Violation Library Query Endpoint from version 05 to 06. Please note that that the VLQ endpoint currently already returns the 06 schema, but with the incorrect version in the XML namespace (is 05, should be 06). So there is no schema change per se, but the version in the XML namespace of the VLQ schema will be modified as follows:



    The version 06 and 07 schema packages have been updated with the version 06 VLQ schema.

    Cal EPA plans to release this update to the CERS EDT Production environment on 6/24/2016 if there are no objections from the EDT Implementers community.

  • CERS EDT Implementation Update May 13, 2016

    by John Miller | May 13, 2016
    CERS EDT XML Schemas Version 1.07 Release

    The change log for the 1.07 Schema Version Release has been updated to reflect the May 13, 2016 cut-over to schema version 1.07 for the RegulatorFacilitySubmittalQuery (RFSQ) endpoint. After the 12PM-1:30PM maintenance window on May 13, 2016, all systems accessing the RFSQ endpoint must be compatible with the 1.07 schema. 

    The schemas and a change log are available for download as a ZIP file at All other previously released schemas with 1.05 and/or 1.06 namespaces remain unchanged.

  • CERS EDT Implementation Update November 20, 2015

    by John Miller | Nov 30, 2015
    CERS EDT XML Schemas Version 1.07 Release
    This release updates the Regulator Facility Submittal Submit (RFS) and Regulator Facility Submittal Query (RFSQ) schemas at the request of the user and EDT implementer communities to address the following issues:
    - Allow zeroes on Number of Tanks (data element 608) and Number of Containers (data element 609) for Tiered Permitting submittals
    - Remove date range constraint for Date and DateTime data types
      * Primarily implemented for UST Install Date (data element 435) but affects all elements in the schemas that are of types Date and/or DateTime

    The schemas and a change log are available for download as a ZIP file at All other previously released schemas with 1.05 and/or 1.06 namespaces remain unchanged.

  • Update of CERS EDT Services Terms of Use

    by User Not Found | Jan 30, 2014

    Cal/EPA has released an update of the CERS EDT Terms of Use (formerly referred to as the CERS EDT Data Exchange Agreement). The modifications primarily involve specifying the additional requirements for CUPAs who make use of CERS EDT Services that upload data into CERS, especially Tier 5 (facility creation) and Tier 6 (facility submittals) services. All UPAs using or intending to use CERS EDT Services must abide by these terms of use. The substantive changes between the new terms of use and the previous version (released on February 11, 2013) are available at 

    The new Terms of Use are available at 

  • New/Revised CERS EDT Documentation Now Available

    by CERS Administrator | Oct 03, 2013

    Cal/EPA has released a new technical document titled "CERS2 Business Rules." This document summarizes key electronic reporting business rules implemented in the CERS2 web portals and EDT processes. While most of the information in this document was previously available in some other published form (CERS EDT Manual, EDT Endpoint documentation, CERS Data Registry, CRUG minutes), this document compiles this information into a single source as much as possible. This document is primarily of interest to EDT implementations involving local reporting portals and submittal of CME data.

    Cal/EPA has also released a revised version of the CERS EDT Manual.This is a technical manual intended for information technology professionals and others who have direct responsibility for implementing CERS machine-to-machine electronic data transfer. The new version 1.00 release updates the previous 0.91 release from April 2012. Most of the changes involve a dramatic reduction in the size of the document by moving business rules into the new "CERS2 Business Rules" document and/or the EDT Endpoint Documentation, along with updating EDT endpoint names to match what they are now called.

  • CERS EDT Implementation Update, August 2013

    by CERS Administrator | Aug 23, 2013

    EDT Implementer Tests Required for Authorization To Use Production CERS EDT
    Cal/EPA has released this document ( describing the tests EDT implementers must successfully perform and document to Cal/EPA as part of their request for authorization to use a production EDT services tier(s). Implementers do not need to submit test results for tiers they have already been authorized for. Contact Chris Allen ( for questions about EDT testing.

    Two New Query Endpoints Released to Production
    Cal/EPA has released two additional query endpoints requested by EDT implementers earlier this year. EDT implementers are NOT required to use these endpoints, and they are not necessary for typical EDT transactions. The Regulator Facility Transfer Query endpoint ( allows UPAs to query for completed Facility Transfers that occurred within a given date range. Such transfers would typically represent a change of ownership for a facility. The Regulator Action Item Query endpoint ( supports retrieving basic information about the pending Action Required Items for a specified UPA. EDT implementers could use the data to integrate a listing of a regulator's CERS Action Required items into the local data system.
    Both of these endpoints are available immediately in production, and will be integrated in a refreshed version of the CERS EDT Client software ( by the end of the August.

    EDT Implementation Progress
    As of August 23 there are 34 CUPAs authorized for production access to at least Tier 1 and 2 services , and 9 CUPAs who have performed suceesful production transactions. One EDT Implementer (Decade) was recently authorized for production access to Tier 3 CME Upload services. 

  • CERS EDT Implementation Update, June 2013

    by CERS Administrator | Jun 14, 2013

    Cal/EPA has implemented a number of changes and new features related to CERS EDT. EDT implementers should read the entirety of this communication. Questions can be directed to Chris Allen at

    CERS EDT XML Schemas Version 1.06 Release
    This clean-up/consolidation release adds two additional schemas for endpoints requested by the EDT implementer community (see below), as well as a number of edits to the Regulator Facility Submittal and Facility Metadata Submit schemas to address various corrections and other minor issues identified by CERS EDT testers and Cal/EPA staff since January 2013. The schemas and a change log are available for download as a ZIP file at Changes were only made to schemas that had not yet been tested by any EDT implementers: RegulatorFacilitySubmittal.xsd, RegulatorFacilityMetadata.xsd and RegulatorFacilityMetadataResponse.xsd. As of June 14, all CERS EDT environments will only accept the 1.06 versions of the RegulatorFacilitySubmittal.xsd,  RegulatorFacilityMetadata.xsd, and RegulatorFacilityMetadataResponse.xsd schemas. All other previously released schemas with 1.05 namespaces remain unchanged.

    Two Additional EDT Endpoints Planned Based on EDT Implementer Requests
    Based upon requests from EDT implementers, Cal/EPA will be implementing during July two new EDT endpoints. The Regulator Action Item Query (RAIQ) endpoint ( would allow an EDT implementer to query summary data for all of the Action Items their regulator has pending in CERS (e.g., Facility Transfer, Facility Delete, Organization Access Request) and use the data for a display of action items inside of their local data system.
    The Regulator Facility Transfer Query (RFTQ) endpoint ( supports an EDT implementer in proactively discovering ownership changes for CERS facilities in advance of learning about them from successive Facility Information submittals. The endpoint will return a listing of Facility Transfers in CERS that occurred since a specified date.
    The XML Schemas for these new endpoints are included in the new 1.06 XML Schemas Release. Please provide any comments/suggestions to Cal/EPA by no later than June 30, 2013.

    All Phase I and II EDT Endpoints Implemented
    On June 14 Cal/EPA released updated versions of the "Phase II" EDT Endpoints announced on May 20th which provide a complete implementation of ALL endpoints and submittal elements originally planned for CERS. Cal/EPA will make the endpoints available in production when at least one EDT implementer has successfully tested each endpoint in an EDT Tier (e.g., Tier 6 will be deployed when an implementer successfully test submits all nine submittal elements types using the Regulator Facility Submittal Submit endpoint (

    Submittal Generation Tool Available to EDT Implementers
    To assist with testing of the Regulator Facility Submittal Submit endpoint (, the Regulator Portal's Submittal Search now includes a feature for generating a properly formatted ZIP file (data.xml plus document uploads as appropriate) from past CERS2 submittals that could act as an input to this endpoint. To use the feature, the user must be in the "EDT Administrator" permission group for their CUPA, the selected submittal must be associated with the EDT Administrator's CUPA, and the submittal must have been submitted into CERS2 (i.e., since January 2012). Use the "Submittals" top navigation link, search for a past submittal, select the detail page for the submittal, and a button will appear at the bottom of the page to download the ZIP file representative of the submittal.

    Use Caution with "Real" Facilities in the CERS Staging/Testing Environment
    A number of facility owner/operators of actual production Facilities in CERS have received CERS-generated emails related to testing activities in the CERS testing/staging environment. This occurs when testers in the Staging Environment take actions on facility records for "real" facilities that existed when the data snapshot for the Staging Environment was taken last year. Cal/EPA is concerned the new Submittal Generation Tool discussed above could lead to additional emails being sent to non-testers. EDT implementers using the testing/staging environment should either 1) create new facilities/organizations to test against, and/or 2) when using an existing facility/organization, be sure to remove any of the original, non-test users from the facility's organization so they don't receive automated emails from CERS.

    Documentation Expanded for Submittal Submit and Facility Create Endpoints
    Cal/EPA has expanded the documentation explaining usage of the Tier 5 Regulator Facility Create endpoint ( and the Tier 6 Regulator Facility Submittal Submit endpoint ( EDT implementers intending to implement these endpoints MUST read this updated documentation.

    CERS EDT Windows Client App Updated
    The CERS EDT Demonstration Windows WPF Client has been updated to support ClickOnce deployment. This will allow Cal/EPA to make minor updates to the client application as additional endpoints become available. All EDT Implementers using this application should install the new version from this URL: . The sample code for the application is available at

    Production Usage of CERS EDT
    As of June 14, CERS has successfully processed 17,000 production EDT transactions from 6 CUPAs since May 1st. An additional 24 CUPAs have been authorized by Cal/EPA for production EDT access.

    All public information about CERS EDT is posted at . Technical questions about EDT can be referred to Chris Allen ( or Randy Westra (  

  • Release of Draft “Phase II” CERS EDT Services for Local Reporting Portals / Updated Windows Client & Schemas

    by CERS Administrator | May 20, 2013

    On May 20, 2013 Cal/EPA released drafts versions of the various “Phase II” EDT Services needed by regulators who are implementing local reporting portals. The newly released endpoints now available for testing consist of the following:

    --Regulator Facility Metadata Submit (Tier 5)
    Allows CUPA's to submit to CERS XML data to update various metadata about a Facility including: Submittal Element Regulator Assignments, Submittal Element Reporting Requirements and Next Due Dates, Geographic Coordinates, FacilityID and RegulatorFacilityKey.

    --Regulator Facility Create (Tier 5)
    Allows CUPA's with a Tier 5/6 data exchange agreement approved by Cal/EPA to submit to CERS XML data to create a new Facility (and possibly a new Organization) in CERS and receive a new CERSID. The results of the create request are returned as XML formatted data. If applicable, diagnostic information about possible address corrections and possible duplicate Facilities with the submitted address would be returned as well. This endpoint has been available for testing by EDT implementers since late February 2013.

    --Regulator Facility Submittal Submit (Tier 6)
    Allows CUPAs with a Tier 5/6 data exchange agreement approved by Cal/EPA to submit to CERS XML data to upload/import a single facility submittal (consisting of one or more new submittal elements) for a facility the regulator is associated with. If the facility submittal includes documents, the data is submitted as a ZIP file as described in the EDT Manual. This initial draft release supports 6 of the 9 CERS submittal elements. The Inventory, UST, and Tiered Permitting submittal elements will be supported in later releases of this service in June and will be announced via the EDT listserv.

    --Regulator Organization Query (Tier 2)
    Immediately available for all Tier 2 clients. Allows UPA's to query for existing CERS Organizations (Businesses) by name, CERS Organization Code, a selected CERS ID that belongs to the Organization, or new organization created since a specific date. The query also supports providing a listing of basic information for all of the facilities currently associated with the CERS Organization. This query would be used in advance of a Regulator Facility Create transaction.

    XML Schema Changes
    Cal/EPA implemented two schema changes in the RegulatorFacilitySubmittal.xsd schema used by the Regulator Facility Submittal Submit endpoint. It simplified how resources were handled in the SUBMITTAL of Emergency Response and Training Plan submittal element data—Cal/EPA is not aware of any EDT implementers having developed any code in this area as of yet. These changes have no impact on Facility Submittal queries. EDT implementers planning implementing Tier 6 services should download the most current set of XML Schemas at

    Testing of Draft Tier 5/6 Endpoints
    In general Cal/EPA anticipates only CUPAs implementing local reporting portals will be using the new Tier 5 and Tier 6 endpoints available in this draft release. EDT implementers are encouraged to test these new services at their earliest opportunity. They will need to identify to Chris Allen which CUPAs in the testing (“Staging”) environment they wish to use for testing.

    CERS EDT Windows Client
    This draft release also includes updates to the demonstration EDT Windows Client project. EDT implementers should download the most current package at

    EDT Questions and Concerns
    Any EDT issues can be directed to Chris Allen at or Randy Westra at

  • Recent Changes to CERS CME Data Upload Specifications

    by CERS Administrator | Apr 19, 2013

    If you are or will be implementing EDT OR [manual] spreadsheet-based uploading of CME data (inspections/violations/enforcements) into CERS, you will need to take action because of a recent change in CME upload data specifications.

    Cal/EPA has recently changed the data specifications for CME data uploading into CERS. The previous standard supported two different modes of providing violation data:

    Cal/EPA had previously alerted the regulator community it intended to require violation detail records in the future, and recent proposed regulatory changes will be finalized in a few weeks which implement this requirement. Because of these changes and the high costs of technically supporting both violation data modes in EDT, Cal/EPA has recently eliminated support for Mode 1 above in both the "Regulator CME Submit" EDT endpoint as well as the manual CME Excel Upload in the Regulator Portal ( From a technical perspective, this change involves the following:

    For EDT:
    EDT implementers need to acquire the latest version of the input XML schema used by the Regulator CME Submit endpoint ( This is available at, or by downloading the complete set of XML schemas at The updated RegulatorCMESubmit.xsd file includes the following comment in the first documentation element: "This schema was revised on 3/21/2013 to "drop" the 3 violation count XML Elements from the InspectionType Complex Type." And the three XML elements for the fields mentioned above have been removed (ClassIViolationCount, ClassIIViolationCount, MinorViolationCount).

    For Manual CME Excel Upload:
    Make sure you are coding against the updated version of the template at, which was modified to remove the three fields mentioned from the "Inspection" worksheet.

    For Manual CME Data Entry:
    The CERS Regulator Portal will continue to support manual data entry of violation data using either violation data mode (summary or detail) for inspections conducted BEFORE July 1, 2013. Inspections conducted after that date will need to include violation detail records. Unified Program management will be releasing a guidance document to the regulator community in the coming weeks with additional information about CME data. 

  • Production CERS EDT Services Released

    by CERS Administrator | Feb 14, 2013

    The message below was sent out to the CERS Regulator Users Group listserv announcing the release of production "Phase I" EDT Services.

    Please note that we have updated the sample EDT Windows WPF application included in the XML Schemas ZIP file ( to allow access to the production endpoints. This client app will only access to the environment/endpoints your credentials are righted to use.

    The Regulator Portal's EDT Dashboard page has been updated as part of this release with a listing of the endpoint URLs specific to the environment and some additional documentation for most endpoints. The Dashboard can be accessed in the Regulator Portal using the top "Regulators" link, selecting the appropriate regulator, and then selecting the "EDT" link toward the bottom of the left navigation menu. Most of the features on this page are not available until the regulator has been authorized for some level of EDT services in the specified environment (i.e., testing/staging or production).

    The CERS EDT Manual will not be updated to reflect the newest services for at least 1-2 weeks.




    Subject: Production CERS EDT Services Released

    On February 13th Cal/EPA released the "Phase I" CERS EDT Services for production use. The "Phase I" services include support for downloading facility submittal data entered by businesses into CERS, downloading other types of CERS data (e.g., CERS Chemical Library and CME records), and uploading Submittal Review and CME data to CERS from local data systems. The "Phase I" services address the needs of most CUPAs--the "Phase II" services primarily address the needs of CUPAs implementing their own Local Reporting Portals, and are scheduled for release during Q2 2013.

    UPAs can begin using the production services once they have met the requirements described below.

    1) UPAs working with a data services vendor (e.g., Accela, Decade, Garrison) need to confirm their vendor has completed testing and been authorized by Cal/EPA for production use of the services. The EDT Services are grouped into numbered “tiers” of increasing business process complexity and security requirements. The CERS EDT Home page at will be updated regulator showing the testing/authorization status of the data services vendors actively working with Cal/EPA. Any UPAs who are not using the data vendors shown on the EDT Home page for their EDT implementations should contact Chris Allen for further information.

    2) A person with authority to make commitments on behalf of their UPA needs to send an email or postal communication to Chris Allen at Cal/EPA ( indicating the UPA wants production EDT access.

    3) This communication must indicate whether the UPA needs access to Tier 3 (CME Submissions) and/or Tier 4 (Facility Submittal Action Notifications). All requestors would receive access to Tier 1 (Library Services) and Tier 2 (Query Services). PAs can only request Tiers 1 and 2. UPAs should only request what Tiers are actually needed presently—additional tiers can be requested via an email from the EDT Administrator in the future. A description of the Tiers is available at

    4) This communication must also acknowledge the UPA understands/accepts the Data Exchange Agreement at

    5) In the regulator portal, the UPA must establish at least one user as an EDT Administrator who would be Cal/EPA’s first point of contact if problems arise. This person does not necessarily have to be an UPA staff person, but they must have knowledge/access to technical resources and authority to direct them to resolve problems.

    6) The UPA must establish a dedicated CERS Account for use of EDT services (which implies the need for a separate email account or email alias). The UPA needs to create the account, and then use the Regulator Portal to add the account with at least “viewer” rights for their regulator. Once EDT tier access is established by Cal/EPA, either the EDT Administrator or Cal/EPA can add the dedicated account as an EDT-Access account.

    UPA staff with questions should generally first contact their data services vendors directly about how to proceed with their implementations, and Cal/EPA technical staff will work with the vendors as necessary. However, questions about EDT can be directed to Chris Allen at

  • CERS EDT "Phase I" Endpoints Release Update

    by CERS Administrator | Feb 01, 2013
    EDT testers have identified additional minor issues that need to be resolved before Cal/EPA will perform a production release of the "Phase 1" CERS EDT Endpoints as discussed in the recent CERS EDT Update. Due to the staff absences and the annual CUPA Conference, the production release will be delayed for up to approximately a week. 
  • Important CERS EDT Update / XML Schemas 1.05 Released

    by CERS Administrator | Jan 18, 2013

    Cal/EPA has released an updated CERS EDT implementation schedule along with a new set of XML Schemas for communicating with the CERS EDT endpoints.

    Please read the CERS EDT Update document at

    Download the new 1.05 XML Schemas release at

  • Final CERS EDT XML Schemas Released (Version 1.00)

    by CERS Administrator | Apr 24, 2012
    Cal/EPA has released the final CERS EDT Schemas (Version 1.00), which are available at:

    This ZIP file includes a cover letter, change log from the RC4 release in December 2011, the Schemas, and technical documentation.

    Cal/EPA considers these XML Schemas as final unless Cal/EPA or EDT clients uncover any serious errors that could not be ignored or reasonably worked around in client and/or endpoint code. If such an issue(s) were to arise, Cal/EPA would communicate the nature of the problem(s) and anticipated changes as soon as practical to CERS EDT Listserv subscribers. Cal/EPA will recommend to the Unified Program's Data Steering Committee that any future schema changes be staged annually, with the first adoption deadline being a specific date sometime in the March 2013-October 2013 timeframe, and technical implementation in CERS and local systems occurring in an 8-16 month timeframe after that, depending upon the nature and complexity of the changes.

    In late May 2012 TSU will be releasing draft/testing EDT endpoints handling the following data exchanges: Facility Submittal Exports (RFSE), Facility Submittal Action Notifications (RFSAN), and a selection of "library" services for CERS resources such as the Violation Library and the Chemical Library. The draft endpoints release will be accompanied by an updated version of the EDT Services Manual (a minor revision of the Dec.2011 0.90 release is available at TSU anticipates a production release of these endpoints during July 2012. In late 2012 TSU will implement additional endpoints for Regulator Facility Submittal (RFSI; needed by local reporting portals), the various CME endpoints, and other "library" services.

    If you have technical questions, review the CERS EDT web site (, and then contact Chris Allen at More general/program-related questions should be directed to Dan Firth at or CERS Technical Support at

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  • CERS EDT Schemas Release Candidate 4 (RC4) Now Available

    by CERS Administrator | Dec 02, 2011

    The Unified Program's Technology Services Unit is distributing Release Candidate 4 (RC4) of the CERS2 EDT XML Schemas. This interim release was requested by EDT implementers who wanted the latest XML schemas reflecting various minor edit/corrections Cal/EPA has implemented since the RC3 release on Oct.26. To help Cal/EPA focus its resources on the CERS user interface release on December 20, RC4 only includes the updated schemas and a summary log of changes, and is not accompanied by complete documentation. The final XML Schemas release will include complete documentation.

    The release consists of a ZIP file containing a readme file, a change log document, and the CERS Schemas (XSDs). The ZIP file is available at:

  • Less Minimally-Required Fields For CERS Data Seeding / Data Seeding Q&A Phone Conferences

    by CERS Administrator | Nov 22, 2011

    Based upon a review of feedback from several regulators, Cal/EPA has eliminated 30 minimally-required fields for CERS Data Seeding of Facility Information. Cal/EPA has published an updated version of the draft paper discussing CERS Data Seeding along with updated versions of the CERS Data Seeding Microsoft Excel Templates. These documents are available on the CERS Data Seeding home page at

    Some brief notes from the last CERS Data Seeding Questions and Answer phone conference on November 3rd are posted at:

    The next Data Seeding Questions and Answer phone conference is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, 2012 from 9-10am. More details will be posted in January.

  • Minor Unified Program Data Dictionary Changes for Inventory Mixture Component "Percent By Weight" Fields

    by CERS Administrator | Nov 18, 2011

    The Title 27 Data Dictionary for Chemical Inventory included five numeric "Hazardous Component [...] Percent By Weight" fields defined as N(4) with the unusual formatting instructions of "2.2 (implied decimal)." Cal/EPA has determined this definition is too ambiguous to use successfully in EDT, and does not align with modern data systems. So Unified Program Data Dictionary has been modified to increase the "length" of these fields (226, 230, 234, 238, 242) from 4 to 6 digits and the "Edit Critera/Codes" definition will be changed to "Percentage with up to 2 decimal digits."   This will support a full range values like 2, 2.01, 20.1 and 100.00.

    These change are now reflected in the CERS Data Registry ( and the summary document of all data dictionary changes available at

    Please direct any questions to Chris Allen at

  • CERS EDT Schemas Release Candidate 3 (RC3) Now Available / Comments due Nov.9

    by CERS Administrator | Oct 26, 2011

    The Unified Program's Technology Services Unit is distributing Release Candidate 3 of the CERS2 EDT Schemas, along with an updated draft of the CERS EDT Manual (Version 0.9). This technical documentation is specifically targeted toward information technology professionals and others who have direct responsibility for implementing machine-to-machine, electronic data transfer (EDT) to the Cal/EPA Unified Program's California Environmental Reporting System (CERS2).

    This RC3 release includes a change log document providing summary information on all changes from the RC2 Schemas (released on August 24, 2011). Additional supplemental documentation is provided highlighting the line-by-line differences between RC2 and RC3.

    Cal/EPA is seeking any final comments on the CERS EDT Schemas as shown in RC3 by no later than Wednesday, November 9th. This will close a 3.5 month period EDT implementers have had to comment on the CERS EDT schema releases. Please see the cover letter inside of the ZIP file for further information about providing comments.

    The release consists of a ZIP file containing a cover letter, the EDT Manual, the change log documents, the CERS Schemas (XSDs), PDF files with Schema documentation, and sample XML files demonstrating XML package structure (they do not contain real data). The ZIP file is available at:  

  • CERS Data Seeding Q&A Session on Thurs., Nov.3rd, 9-10am

    by CERS Administrator | Oct 24, 2011

    Cal/EPA is hosting a question and answer session for regulators and their technical staff/contractors about the CERS data seeding process on Thursday, November 3rd from 9-10am. The data seeding process is detailed in "Regulator Seeding of Facility Data in CERS2" which was released by Cal/EPA on Octboer 10th and is available at:  

    This meeting is intended for technical implementers and other staff with direct responsibility for CERS data seeding to ask questions of the Cal/EPA technical team. All attendees should read the document mentioned above IN ADVANCE OF THE MEETING. Cal/EPA staff will have approximately 10 minutes of introductory comments, with the remainder of the meeting reserved for questions and answers. A recording of this meeting will posted at .

    No prior registration is required. At the time of the meeting:

    1. Sign into the web conference at

    2. Call the phone conference number at (866) 618-7124 and provide passcode: ...

    Questions or comments can be directed to Dan Firth ( or Chris Allen (


    CERS2 EDT information is accessible at  

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  • Several Unified Program Data Dictionary Minor Changes

    by CERS Administrator | Oct 19, 2011

    Cal/EPA has determined a series of CERS fields require minor modification from their previously published Title 27 Regulations and/or Unified Program Data Dictionary values to accommodate Unified Program statewide electronic reporting mandates. The changes can be summarized as follows:

    --15 UST Tank alphanumeric fields needed to be lengthened to support actual/current business practices in the field. 14 of the changes involved extending the length of various "Specify Other" fields from AN(15) to AN(35).

    --10 UST Monitoring Plan fields for capturing "model number" information were lengthened from various previous lengths to AN(35). These and 3 other longer narrative fields were lengthened to support actual/current business practices in the field.

    --The field format instructions for 14 street address fields scattered throughout the data dictionary were modified to drop outdated references to postal standards of 2 lines of 35 characters. Cal/EPA determined the postal standard is no longer implemented by the USPS, and supporting two lines of text in a single field was unnecessarily complex and costly for EDT transactions. The AN(70) definition for all of these fields remains unchanged.

    --1 new optional AN(30) field was added to capture supplemental locational text about a facility's physical address when the facility street address field (#103) is insufficient for locating the facility.

    A detailed extract from the CERS Data Registry (CDR) listing all of the field modifications summarized above is available at:

    These changes and ALL CERS fields are available on the CERS Data Registry at  

    An updated summary of EVERY Unified Program Data Dictionary change from what was shown in the Title 27 Data Dictionary is available at:  


    General information and documentation about CERS EDT is available at:  

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