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CERS 3.0 Development and Implementation

In June, 2015, the DSC held a 3-day workshop in Sacramento to review approximately 150 CERS 3.0 enhancements suggestions proposed by the CERS 3.0 Workgroup. Enhancement suggestions were either supported (110), not supported (35), deferred for follow up action (9), or deferred for action other than implementation in CERS 3.0 (18). A summary of the DSC review of each enhancement and details of each supported enhancement are available by using the links below:

- Summary of CERS 3.0 Enhancements Reviewed by the Data Steering Committee

- CERS 3.0 Enhancements Supported by the Data Steering Committee

Supported enhancements will be presented to the Unified Program Administrative and Advisory Group (UPAAG) in August, 2015. Enhancements that are further supported by UPAAG will be presented to Matthew Rodriquez, the Secretary for Environmental Protection, for final determination as to which enhancements will be approved for development and implementation in CERS 3.0. Additionally, the CUPA Forum Board will also present the CERS 3.0 enhancements supported by the DSC at the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) in September, 2015.

Upon completion of a cost benefit analysis by the end of 2015, CERS 3.0 development is expected to begin at the start of 2016, with implementation and testing parameters scheduled for 2017. It is anticipated that CERS 3.0 will be available for use by all businesses and regulators in 2018.

CERS Regulator User Blog

This blog covers items of interest to regulator users of CERS. It also includes posting sent via the CERS Regulator User Group listserv.

Unified Program General Blog/Listserv

This blog/listserv is used to distribute Unified Program bulletins, news items, and a monthly newsletter that includes information submitted by state agencies with Unified Program responsibilities and is forwarded to Unified Program Agencies, State Agency representatives, and other interested parties.


This blog is for technical professionals and other regulator staff, contractors, and vendors with direct responsibility for implementing CERS Electronic Data Transfer (EDT).

This blog includes posts for major version releases of CERS and briefly summarizes important new features, enhancements, and fixes in each build.

Recent Announcements

CERS EDT Implementation Update June 24, 2016

by John Miller | Jun 24, 2016

The following change has been deployed to the CERS EDT Production environment:

Default schema version for the Tier 2 Violation Library Query Endpoint has been updated from version 05 to 06. Please note that that the VLQ endpoint currently already returns the 06 schema, but with the incorrect version in the XML namespace (is 05, should be 06). So there is no schema change per se, but the version in the XML namespace of the VLQ schema will be modified as follows:



The version 06 and 07 schema packages have also been updated to replace the version 05 VLQ schema with version 06. These packages incorrectly included the 05 VLQ schema.