Title 27 Regulations Proposed Language Available for Review

CalEPA has began the formal regulatory rulemaking procedure with the Office of Administrative Law to adopt the proposed revisions to existing Title 27 Unified Program regulations. A 45-day public comment period has been established beginning November 3, 2017 and ending December 18, 2017. Please see the rulemaking notice published in the California Regulatory Notice Register (page 1676) for additional information.
The proposed revisions to the Title 27 text and the Initial Statement of Reasons are available for review at:

CERS 3.0 Development and Implementation

In June, 2015, the Data Steering Committee (DSC) held a 3-day workshop to review approximately 150 CERS 3.0 enhancement suggestions proposed by the CERS 3.0 Workgroup. Upon conclusion of the workshop, Enhancement suggestions were either supported (110), not supported (35), deferred for follow up action (9), or deferred for action other than implementation in CERS 3.0 (18). A summary of the DSC review of each enhancement and details of each supported enhancement are available below:

Supported enhancements were presented to the Unified Program Administrative and Advisory Group (UPAAG) in August, 2015. Enhancements that are further supported by UPAAG will be for development and implementation in CERS 3.0 once funding becomes available. Additionally, the CUPA Forum Board presented the CERS 3.0 enhancements supported by the DSC at the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) in September, 2015.

Supported enhancements have been presented to the Unified Program Administrative and Advisory Group (UPAAG). There are approximately 15 CERS 3.0 enhancements that are considered required and necessary for CERS 3.0 development n order to lawfully report business and facility information electronically, as required. CalEPA, the CUPA Forum Board and associated Unified Program agencies are trying to obtain and secure funding for the development and implementation of only the required CERS 3.0 enhancements at this time.

Enhancements that can be completed in the existing CERS interface are scheduled and prioritized for development and implementation. Remaining CERS 3.0 enhancements that are in the queue for future development will be addressed and prioritized once funding becomes available. The listing of CERS 3.0 enhancements (scheduled and proposed) can be viewed at:

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CERS Availability Schedule Changes

11/5/2017 4 am -7 am CERS services may be limited and/or unavailable intermittently due to system maintenance.