California Environmental Reporting System

Businesses and CERS

What is CERS?
The California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) is a statewide web-based system to support California Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) and Participating Agencies (PAs) in electronically collecting and reporting various hazardous materials-related data as mandated by the California Health and Safety Code and new 2008 legislation (AB 2286). Under oversight by Cal/EPA, CUPAs implement Unified Program mandates that streamline and provide consistent regulatory activities.

Who has to report?  
All businesses that have facilities regulated by a CUPA under the Unified Program. For more information on the Unified Program see

Who has to report in CERS?
All businesses must now submit Unified Program-related information to CERS instead of on paper forms. Alternatively, some CUPAs have developed local web portals that businesses may choose use to meet this requirement.

What must be reported?
All hazardous materials business plans, chemical inventories, site maps, underground and aboveground tank data, and hazardous waste related data must be reported electronically.

Where does a business report?
Businesses may use the California Environmental Reporting System's (CERS) Business Portal, or if your CUPA supports one, a local web portal that supports Unified Program electronic reporting. Reporting to both CERS and a local reporting  portal is prohibited to prevent duplicate reporting. Business data reported is exchanged automatically between Cal/EPA and the CUPA so data is available to both agencies regardless of whether the business reports to CERS or to a local web portal.
Why are there local reporting portals?
Local CUPA web portals may have additional features or services for businesses that are not offered in CERS in additional to meeting the statewide Unified Program electronic reporting requirements. Businesses whose facilities are ALL within a single CUPA jurisdiction may prefer to use a CUPA local reporting portal. Businesses with facilities in multiple CUPAs may prefer to use CERS as their single reporting site for all their facilities. CUPAs with local reporting  portals will notify facilities in their jurisdiction when the local portal is available for use. Note: A CUPA cannot require any business to report to a local web portal.
When is reporting required?
Reporting times and frequencies have not changed. Follow your previous reporting due dates or check with your local CUPA.

How do I get help?
  • Questions concerning what data should be reported for your facility(s) should be directed to your local regulators.
  • General questions about how to use CERS (or the local reporting portal) for reporting on your facility(s) should also be directed to your local regulators.
  • If you are have technical problems accessing CERS or receiving errors while using CERS, please contact CERS Technical Support at
  • For questions relating to setting up a business organization in CERS with facilities in more than one CUPA jurisdiction, please email