California Environmental Reporting System

CERS Services Availability

While Cal/EPA attempts to have CERS web sites and other services available as much as possible, these services are not intended to be provided on a 24 hour per day basis. CERS business and regulator users should review the times shown below when CERS services may not be available.

Note to Regulators: Cal/EPA does not have the resource/funding to ensure 24x7 availability on a regular basis, nor to provide availability during some disaster/emergency situations. Regulators cannot use CERS as an guaranteed emergency response tool, and should download data on a regular basis to their local data systems to ensure they have current data for local emergency response.

Listed below are regularly scheduled downtimes when CERS web sites/services may not be available. Cal/EPA may occasionally have other non-scheduled service disruptions as well. Times are shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST). The downtimes below apply to CERS Central and production Business/Regulator portals. The "training",  "staging," and other testing environments may have other additional non-announced downtimes. Regulators should alert CERS Technical Support if they have a critical/urgent event scheduled for such environments.  
  • Fridays for approximately 30-90 minutes between Noon and 1:30pm for new version updates/releases. The exact time will be posted on the CERS Business and Regulator Portal pages approximately 2 hours in advance. 
  • Each day between 1am and 3am for data maintenance.
  • One Monday per month between 7pm and 11pm for System Maintenance (week will vary from month to month).
  • One or more Fridays per month between 6pm-9pm.
  • Each Sunday between 1am and 5am for server maintenance processes.