California Environmental Reporting System

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This flowchart shows the current CERS governance structure, which was updated November 2013 and follows the typical governance structure used for all related Unified Program topics. Governance is the means by which CalEPA receives input and communicates information relating to the Unified Program, including CERS and electronic reporting. UPAAG is the Unified Program Administration and Advisory Group, which includes representatives from state agencies and CUPAs. It is co-chaired by CalEPA and the CUPA Forum Board. The Data Steering Committee is a committee formed by UPAAG to work on policy related issues under the direction of UPAAG and consists of representatives from the state agencies and the CUPAs. TAGs are committees formed by the CUPA Forum Board intended for CUPA representatives to foster communication, training and issue resolution on specific Unified Program elements or areas of concern under the direction of the CUPA Forum Board. Non-CUPA representatives may participate in a TAG on an invitation basis.