California Environmental Reporting System

CERS Training Materials for Regulators

Listed below are full and abbreviated PowerPoint presentations regulators can download and use as needed for training purposes. The presentations are editable so regulators can choose to shorten them or add local instructional notes. Cal/EPA is not responsible for any changes made to downloaded versions. For further information contact the CERS Technical Support

  Regulator User Training PowerPoint (full version, 18 MB)
This training consists of eleven modules that include the basic functions of the CERS Regulator Portal, from initially getting access, to finding facilities, to reviewing, accepting or rejecting submittals, and to setting user access permissions. This presentation presumes the viewer is familiar with the basic functions of the CERS Business Portal.

  Business User Training PowerPoint (full version, 17 MB)
This presentation consists of nine modules covering functions of the CERS Business Portal, from initially getting access, to adding a facility, to making an electronic submission, and to setting user access permissions. The presentation can be viewed in the Notes format to see the comments that a presenter might make for each slide. 


Other Training Materials

  CERS Regulator Training Portal
If you would like to gain familiarity with using CERS, you can begin using the Business Training Portal and/or the Regulator Training Portal.  These training portals are fully functional copies of CERS. Existing CERS users can sign in to the training portals with their CERS1 sign in, and other users can create new accounts. Neither training portal contains any business or facility data, but users can create new businesses and facilities in the Business training portal, and regulator users (once approved by CERS Technical Support staff) can view and act upon these facilities and their submittals.
  CERS Business Help Page
This page includes links to a series of short Help Guides and other help materials for users of the CERS Business Portal.
    How to Create a New CERS Business Account Video (4 minutes)

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