CERS 3 Project Status – February 2019


CERS 3.0 Project (CERS 3.0 Enhancements Supported by the Data Steering Committee and Unified Program)

CERS 3 changes grouped into four main features (CERS 3 Changes Overview)

    • Aboveground Petroleum Storage (APSA)
    • Underground Storage Tank (UST)
    • Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (CME)
    • Reports
    • As of February 2019: APSA, UST, CME, Reports, New Unique Tank ID and BOE Field change feature’s development completed and deployed to CERS Testing environment. So that CUPA’s and Vendors can start testing the changes and allowing them enough time to prepare their local systems for these changes.
      Take advantage of the opportunity to become familiar with the enhancements before they are implemented in CERS 3.0
CERS 3 Release Plan


CERS 3 Release and Testing Plan

    • Deploy CERS 3 to Training – February 8th, 2019 (2PM – 4PM)
    • Testing CERS 3 on Training environment – February 8 – February 15
    • CERS 3 Presentation at CUPA Conference scheduled for Tuesday Feb 26, 2019
    • Prep CERS 3 to Production – March 28th, 2019
    • EDT bi-weekly test status meetings/webinars
    • CUPA’s, EDT vendors, BDO’s and other stakeholders
    • CUPA’s please use CERS test portal to start testing
    • We encourage EDT vendors start testing services and submissions. So the CERS technical team can
      help if you need assistance
    • Final User acceptance testing (UAT) (March 4th 2019)
ListServ subscription
    • To subscribe to the EDT Implementers ListServ, send an email to LISTSERV@listserv.state.ca.gov with the following in the message body:

      SUBSCRIBE CALEPA_CERS_EDT_IMPLEMENTERS [first name] [last name]

      Though it is not necessary to include text in the subject line, it is recommended to add something generic such as “ListServ subscribe”.