Project Overview

The technology supporting CERS is near-end-of-life, and a technology refresh is required. As many of the assumptions and processes that CERS was originally based on are no longer valid or have significantly changed, CalEPA is embarking on the CERS NextGen project to move CERS to a supported platform, streamline processes, and re-align with the overall goals of the Unified Program. CalEPA is going to replace CERS with a cloud-based solution.

The proposed solution will replace the CERS legacy system in its entirety, remediate the pain points, achieve the project goals, and generally improve operations. The CERS NextGen solution will be a vendor-hosted, cloud-based, SaaS or PaaS solution.

Project Timeline

CalEPA hopes to launch CERS NextGen mid-2025. A summary of the project timeline is provided below and will be updated as the project progresses.

  • Spring 2023, CalEPA is in the procurement stage of the project to select the remaining vendors.
  • Summer 2023, CalEPA will award the primary system development contract and onboard the Solution Vendor.
  • Summer 2023 through Fall of 2024, the solution vendor will develop and configure the CERS NextGen application.
  • Fall of 2024 through Summer of 2025, CalEPA and the solution vendor will conduct testing and prepare to deploy the new CERS NextGen application to production.
  • Summer 2025, CERS NextGen will be “live” and available to CUPA and business users.
  • Summer 2025 through the Summer of 2026, CalEPA and the Solution Vendor will stabilize and support the CERS NextGen application.

Project Updates

CalEPA hosted two townhalls to provide an update May 16, 2023.

CalEPA presented the project at the CUPA Conference in Spring of 2023. 

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