Version 2.23.0003


Release Date: June 12, 2015

Build #2.23.0003 Change Log Summary

Regulator Portal:

  • Corrected EDT Facility Submittal Issue; county was not being updated properly
  • Corrected inactive Regulator link; inactive link on Facility Submittal page in Regulator portal
  • Corrected Security Issue on Submittal processing page in Regulator portal; unauthorized user able to execute one click submittal accept
  • Corrected issue of rejected/voided submittals being visible on several submittal-related pages
  • Report 6 Updates
  • Cleaned up Facility Owner/Operator filtering for Facility Reporting Status reporting

Business Portal:

  • Corrected Organization Code search filter issue on Business/Organization Listing search page
  • Corrected deferred job document retrieval issue; authorized user could not retrieve deferred job document
  • Corrected issue of rejected/voided submittals being visible in submittal history, and available to be used to create new submittals
  • Removed Date Certified fields from UST submittal display pages