Version History


Version 3.4.0003

Release Date: April 26, 2019
Build #3.4.0003 Change Log Summary

Regulator Portal:

    • Update submitted/accepted dates to accurately reflect last submitted and/or last accepted APSA Facility Information submittal resource (bug 1118)
    • Correct Performance Measures/TCR calculations on summary page of UST Report 6 (bug 1110)
    • Update Inspection UI to only display SOC determination for UST inspections – only applies to Inspections that occurred prior to 10/1/2018 Violation Library update (bug 1111)

EDT Services:

    • CME Submit Endpoint: Corrected unhandled “Invalid Violation Type” error that was causing 0500 http server error (bug 1112)
    • Regulator Facility Submit endpoint: Corrected Facility ID processing error (bug 1117)