Version History


Version 3.5.0016

Release Date: May 26, 2021
Build #3.5.0016 Change Log Summary

Business Portal:

    • Corrected issue of deleted/voided documents being included in the submittal comparison feature (PBI 1560)
    • Fixed broken link: Business portal Help Menu – MJB Information Letter (PBI 3176)
    • Corrected typo on Organization Listing page (PBI 3313)
    • Updated document upload and draft submittal preparation page to behave consistently when discarding resources and/or documents (PBI 3222)
    • Corrected grid display issues on Hazardous Materials Inventory submittal pages

Regulator Portal:

    • Corrected formatting issue on Facility Listing Excel export
    • Added UST Routine Inspection Frequency Search Report (PBI 3376)
    • Changed “APSA Last Inspection Date” column to “APSA Routine Inspection Date” (PBI 3343)
    • Removed unneeded UST reports from UST page (Salesforce Case 7944)

Business/Regulator Portal:

    • Corrected several broken links in both portals
      • Corrected Version History link in page footer (PBI 3344)
      • Corrected link on Tiered Permitting submittal pages (PBI 3410)