Version History


Version 2.23.0013

Release Date: Dec 12, 2016
Build #2.23.0013 Change Log Summary

Regulator Portal:

    – Evaluation Reports

      • Regulated Facility Inspections Report (Change Request 4560)
      • Summary Regulated Facilities by Unified Program Element Report (Change Request 4556)
      • Summary Enforcement Report (Change Request 4562)
    – CME Data and UST CME Data Download Reports

      • Modified Inspections tab (Change Requests 4554 and 4558)
      • Modified Overview tab (Change Requests 4554 and 4558)
      • Added “Outstanding Violations” tab (Change Requests 4554 and 4558)
      • Changed “Only Include Current Facility Reported as RCRA Large Quantity Generator” to default to False instead of True (CME Data Download Report only)
      • Corrected Violation counts for UST CME Data Download Report (Bug 10200)
    – UST Facility/Tank Download Report

      • Modified report to show all UST Tank records regardless of the applicability of the UST submittal element (Change Request 8711)
    – Modified help bubble for data element 421 BOE (Change Request 203)
    – Added help bubble for data element 490-62 UDC Monitoring Stops Flow of Product at Dispenser (Change Request 204)
    – Added help bubble for data element 433 UDC Tank Manufacturer (Change Request 335)
    – Added help bubble for data elements 208 EHS, 215 Largest Container, 217 Avg Daily Amount, 221 Units (Change Request 331)
    – Rearrangement of Print Submittal results and Tank Information on the Monitoring Plan (Change Request 312)
    – Delete/hide fields in User Interface: 424-427, 470-472, 490-76, 490-77, 490-78, 490-79 – Names and Title of Preparer and Signature Dates (Change Request 229)
    – Revise Tank Information screens so the Tank ID numbers are always visible (Change Request 310)
    – Corrected error in Compliance module that was preventing deletion of Violations that were created with an invalid Program Element Type (Bug 9252)
    – Corrected issue in CME Upload that was causing the error summary to not get displayed properly when there are errors in the user’s CME upload file; CERS was displaying a generic error page instead of the detailed summary of data errors (Bug 9228)