Version History


Version 2.24.0001

Release Date: Dec 28, 2017
Build #2.24.0001 Change Log Summary

Business Portal:

  • Corrected Citation display in Violation Library (bug ID 12422)

All Portals:

  • Fix IE problem with Bing Map v8 (bug ID 12420)
  • Updated links for Consolidated Emergency Response/Contingency Plan Template and Instructions
  • Updated links for Recyclable Materials Report Template links

All Portals/EDT:

  • Added 24 new Federal Hazard Categories (Change Request 12411)
  • Includes validation for obsolete data elements and data element codes
  • Affects:
    • Submittal creation, editing, and viewing in all portals
    • Chemical Library
    • Data Registry
    • EDT tiers 1, 2, and 6 (Chemical Library Query, Regulator Facility Submittal Query, and
      Regulator Facility Submittal Submit endpoints)
    • All HMI reports, downloads, and uploads