Dev – Requesting EDT Access

Requesting Access
CERS EDT service is only available to Unified Program Agencies (UPAs), it is not available to the public. It is divided into six tiers known as Library, Query, CME, Reviews, Facility, and Submittal. Any UPA requesting EDT access would normally leverage Tier 1 and 2 for querying submittals, facilities, and various libraries. Only Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) have the option to leverage Tier 3, 4, 5, and 6. CalEPA allows one EDT vendor per UPA authorization and access.

Preparing for Access
UPAs working with a data service vendor need to confirm the vendor has completed testing and been authorized by CalEPA for production use of the service. The following page, EDT Vendors, provides a listing of the authorization vendors approved by CalEPA. In advance, create your CERS account designated solely for EDT. Since each CERS account requires a unique email address, the UPA will need a unique email address to create the EDT access account. For creating and activating accounts in the CERS Testing environment for EDT test purposes, please refer to the CERS Testing EDT Accounts document.

Access Request Information Requirements

All EDT requests must be sent to CERS Technical Support at: and include the following: 

  • Subject line of email needs to include “CERS EDT Access Request for [UPA name]”.
  • A statement from the sender indicating they have authority to make commitments on behalf of their UPA.
  • Indicate if the EDT access request is for Staging (Testing), Production, or both.
  • Identify which EDT service tier is being requested. Participating Agencies can only request Tier 1 and 2. UPAs should only request the tier needed at the time of the request, additional tiers can be requested via an email in the future.
  • Indicate the UPA understands and accepts the CERS EDT Terms of Use
  • Identify the name(s) and CERS account username(s) of the UPA’s EDT Administrator(s). If problems arise, an EDT Administrator would be CalEPA’s first point of contact. An EDT Administrator does not necessarily have to be a UPA staff person (e.g., a contractor), but they must be authorized to view the UPA’s data in the Regulator Portal. The designated EDT Administrator must understand CERS and EDT, as well as having knowledge of and access to technical resources, and authority to direct staff to resolve problems.
  • Identify the username of a dedicated CERS account the UPA will use for EDT access. This account can ONLY be used for EDT access; an existing user’s account cannot be used for this function.

Sample Access Request Email
I have authority to make a commitment on behalf of my agency, [name of UPA], which is requesting [indicate Staging (Testing) and/or Production] CERS EDT access for the following EDT Service Tier(s): [indicate tier numbers]. We understand and accept the CERS EDT Terms of Use.

We will use the following CERS account exclusively for EDT access purposes: [username and email address of dedicated EDT access account].

The following individual(s) will be our EDT Administrator(s): [provide the name and email address of each EDT Administrator].

UPA staff with questions should contact their data services vendor directly about how to proceed with implementation. CalEPA technical staff will work with the vendors as necessary. Questions about EDT can be directed to CERS Technical Support at: include “EDT” in the subject line.