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What is CERS EDT?
CERS EDT (Electronic Data Transfer) involves XML and REST-based web services that support Unified Program regulators in extracting and uploading facility submittal and inspection/enforcement data from and into CERS. Presently there is no schedule to extend similar services to CERS business users. CERS EDT Services are complex and highly technical--a CERS EDT Manual is available with technical implementation details, but presumes the reader is already familiar with the Unified Program and its various reporting requirements. Regulators making use of EDT Services must agree to the CERS EDT Terms of Use. Cal/EPA released production versions of CERS EDT Services in two phases during February 2013 and June 2013.

How UPAs Should Request EDT Access
When an CUPA or PA wishes to make use of CERS EDT Services, they need to determine which services they will be using. The CERS EDT Services available to Regulators are divided into six tiers, with increasing business process complexity and security required for higher numbered tiers. Any UPA requesting EDT access would normally make use of at least Tiers 1 and 2 (for querying submittals, facilities, and various CERS libraries), and CUPAs have the option to use additional more involved EDT Services (Tiers 3-6).

Prior to requesting EDT Services access, UPAs working with a data services vendor (e.g., Accela, Decade, DHD) need to confirm their vendor has completed testing and been authorized by Cal/EPA for production use of the services. At the bottom of this page is a listing of the EDT testing/authorization status of the data services vendors actively working with Cal/EPA.

Cal/EPA is not requiring formal, wet-signature copies of an UPA's EDT requests, but the email requests must meet the requirements specified below. All requests should be sent to CERS Technical Support at with the subject line "CERS EDT Access Request for [UPA name]" and contain the following information:

1) A statement from the sender indicating they have authority to make commitments on behalf of their UPA.
2) Indicate if the EDT Access request is for testing access, production access, or both.
3) Identify which EDT Service Tiers are being requested by the UPA. PAs can only request Tiers 1 and 2. UPAs should only request what Tiers are actually needed presently—additional tiers can be requested via a later email in the future.
4) Indicate the UPA understands/accepts the CERS EDT Terms of Use.
5) Identify the name(s) and CERS Account username(s) of the UPA's EDT Administrator(s). EDT Administrators would be Cal/EPA’s first point of contact if problems arise. EDT Administrator(s) do not not necessarily have to be an UPA staff person (e.g., a contractor), but they must be authorized to view the UPA's data in the Regulator Portal, understand CERS and CERS EDT, and have knowledge/access to technical resources and authority to direct them to resolve problems.
6) Identifies the username of a dedicated CERS Account the UPA will use for EDT access. This account can ONLY be used for EDT Access, so it can't be an existing user's account. The UPA needs to create the CERS Account in advance of sending the EDT Access request email. Since each CERS Account requires a unique email address, the UPA will need a unique email address to create its EDT Access Account.

The following suggested/sample email text could be used to meet these requirements. The second paragraph would not be necessary for follow-up emails.

I have authority to make a commitment on behalf of my agency, [name of UPA], which is requesting [indicate Staging(Testing) and/or Production] CERS EDT Services access for the following EDT Service Tier(s):  [indicate tier numbers].  We understand and accept the CERS EDT Terms of Use shown at

We will use the following CERS account exclusively for EDT access purposes: [username and email address of dedicated CERS EDT Access account]. The following individual(s) will be our EDT Administrator(s):[provide name and email of each EDT Administrator]

UPA staff with questions should generally first contact their data services vendors directly about how to proceed with their implementations, and Cal/EPA technical staff will work with the vendors as necessary. Questions about EDT can be directed to CERS Technical Support at (with "EDT" included in the subject line), and will then be directed to the most appropriate/available technical staff.

EDT Technical Documentation

CERS EDT Authorization Status of Data Services Vendors Actively Working with Cal/EPA
This listing will be updated periodically to reflect the current authorization status (by EDT Service Tier) of data services vendors actively working with Cal/EPA on testing their product's use of EDT Services. Authorization reflects the vendor has demonstrated successful use (and avoided abuse) of all features of the services in the specified Tier. Because Cal/EPA does not review the detailed implementation of a vendor's product, authorization does not indicate Cal/EPA has verified all CERS and Unified Program requirements have been by the product. In no way should the authorizations in this table be interpreted as an approval or endorsement of the vendor's product by Cal/EPA, or as a tool to compare the services/features offered by different vendors.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
 Accela Yes Yes  Yes       
 Decade Software Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 EdgeSoft Yes Yes Yes  Yes     
 DHD Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  
 OneStep Systems Yes Yes Yes      
 eCompliance Yes  Yes         
 Aristatek Yes  Yes         

CERS EDT Implementation Listserv
All CERS EDT Implementers should subscribe to the CERS EDT Implementation Listserv. This listserv is intended for information technology professionals and others who have direct responsibility for implementing CERS EDT.

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CERS2 EDT Documentation Archive
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More Information
For additional assistance, please contact CERS Technical Assistance at